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Editorial policy

Editorial.- Addressed to doctrine aspects of San Fernando Faculty of Medicine, transcendent and current themes that require the collegiate institutional opinion to papers and articles published in Anales. This section is the Journal Editor’s and academic guests exclusive responsibility.

Original Articles.- Corresponds to the section of the various specialties original and unpublished papers.

In case of Clinical Trials, these will adjust to Peruvian Clinical Trials Regulations, approved by DS N°017-2006-SA.

Requisites for publishing these papers are as follows:


In no more than 250 words, the Abstract will provide the study context or background, objectives, basic procedures, main findings and main conclusions.

Introduction: Context or background for the study, problem nature and significance.

Objectives: Reasons or aims of the study.

Design: Type(s) of research, randomized or not, blind, controls, group assignation.

Setting: Institution or institutions where the study was done, indicating if it was a teaching hospital.

Participants: Study subjects or laboratory animals or other materials.

Interventions: Procedures done, study subjects or laboratory animals selection; observation and intervention methods, duration, statistical analysis.

Main outcome measures: Primary results for design study evaluation.

Results: Main findings, specific effects and magnitude, and statistical significance.

Conclusions: Endpoints reached in the study, with emphasis in new important aspects or observations.

Key words: Three to ten words or phrases that allow the article classification. Use Index Medicus (MeSH) medical material heading terms.

Abstract: Resumen in English.

Key words: Palabras clave in English.



Establishes the purpose of the article and resumes study justification. It also provides pertinent background but does not include current paper’s data or conclusions. This section should include brief pertinent literature references.


Will include:

Materials: Brief description of the material studied characteristics.

Methods: Methodology employed and will be detailed only when original or characteristics are little known.

Describe statistical methods in detail so that the reader may be able to verify results accessing original data. Whenever possible, quantify and present findings with appropriate indicators of miscalculation or certainty, such as confidence intervals.

Include ethical and deontological procedures done for the investigation.


Should be objective, with statistical analysis when pertinent, without personal interpretation. Results should be presented in logical sequence in the text, charts and illustrations; emphasize or resume only important information. Tables and figures should be used in a strict necessary number so as to explain the material and support value. Use graphic as table with various entries alternative. Corresponding tables and figures shall be attached separately according to specification in III.


Will include results interpretations, concordance or discordance with study objectives or with other authors’ papers on the same matter, and give pertinent suggestions or postulates.

Relate conclusions with study objectives, but avoid non qualified phrases and conclusions not completely supported by data.


Specify and appreciate in an appropriate site of the paper clinical or healthcare collaboration, technical assistance, or financial and material support, specifying nature of the same.


Should be numbered in Arabic numerals in parenthesis, in order of appearance, as mentioned in the text, tables and legends. Will be sent in a separate sheet. Style used will be such of Index Medicus formats (for more detail go through Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals, available at:

- For articles: author or authors last name followed by first name(s) without period, paper’s title, period, journal’s abbreviate name, period, year; volume: pages where located.

- For texts: author or authors’ last name, followed by name(s) initials, title in the original language, edition number, city, editorial and year of publication: pages.

Short Communication.- Brief paper on a determined theme that the author presents to the Journal for information and discussion.

Case Reports.- Will be considered for publication only those cases merited by diagnostic interest, rarity of presentation or evident interest. Will include Introduction, Case report and Discussion.

Review Papers.- Scientific review of a determined aspect of medicine with the objective of summarizing, analyzing, synthesizing and updating information on the theme.

Debate.- Addressed to present and sustain opinion that enriches debate in medicine and public health areas.

History.- Review of a historic passage in relation with anecdotic or biographic fact related to the Faculty or to Medicine.

Biographical sketch.- Committed to emphasize a contemporary Peruvian physician biography whose work has had transcendental influence in the country’s medical life. This section is entrusted to a collegiate professional by the Editorial Committee.

Chronicles.- The Journal will publish events occurred in the administrative field, Faculty and University Councils, Rector’s Resolutions linked to the Faculty.

NOTE.- Anales de la Facultad de Medicina´s specified sections do not necessarily establish obligation to be included in this publication or excludes other topics that might be considered because of their quality.

Presentation of manuscripts

Articles should be sent in original and one copy, pages numbered, double space and 4 cm margins, 212x297 mm ISO A4 paper. A compact disk duly taped in Word for Windows and graphics or tables in Word or Excel should be sent along. Original papers should not exceed 15 pages. Book summaries would not exceed 500 words. Pages numbers will follow Medical Journals Editors International Committee recommendations. First page should show the paper’s title, shortened title, authors name or names, authors’ institution, institutions or organisms that supported the investigation, author’s name and address where correspondence should be sent with respect to the article.

Tables (charts) and illustrations will be considered when strictly useful for text understanding. Should not be reiterative among them or in relation to the text.

Each illustration will be sent separately, clearly indicating its number and orientation and place to be located in the text.

Photographs or X-ray reproductions should be in black and white and of good technical quality, in order to facilitate acceptable plate obtaining. Position will be indicated on the reverse. Publication of color reproductions should be consulted to the Editor.


Papers remission

All papers should be accompanied by the Sworn Declaration format duly signed by each author:ón_Jurada.doc

Papers will be submitted original and copy, along with a CD containing the article with graphics and photographs, as well as the Sworn Declaration, to the following address:

Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos
Facultad de Medicina San Fernando
Av. Grau 755, Lima 1, Peru.

For more information please contact:

Phone: 511 - 6197000 Extension 4672



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