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  • The articles should be unpublished material that may be written in English or Spanish, and they should be accompanied by a brief résumé from the author.

  • Only scientific papers will be published, such as theoretical works (conceptual development or critical analysis), methodological application or empirical research.

  • The length is open, but the minimum acceptable is 6,300 words.

  • All contributions undergo a peer-reviewed process. There are at least two reviewers per article. To guarantee impartiality of the evaluation, the arbiters do not know the identity of the author or authors.

  • The first page of the article should contain title, summary and keywords of the article both in English and Spanish, as well as the following information of the author/authors: first name (one only) and last name, institutional affiliation (indicating the country), the highest degree achieved (indicating the university where it was obtained) and the institutional mail address.

  • The paper must start with a brief summary of the content (between 125 and 210 words), in which it is specified the author’s/authors’ scientific contribution. The summary should be followed by between three and five keywords that will allow identifying the subject of the paper.

  • In general, the paper must have the following: introduction, theoretical framework, methodology, development of the work (which would highlight the author’s/authors’ scientific contribution), conclusions and/or recommendations, and complete bibliographic references.

  • Tables and figures are numbered sequentially. The titles of the tables are located on the top, while the titles of the figures are located underneath. Figures are graphics, maps, diagrams, photographs, and all kind of illustrations.

  • Taking into account that the Journal is published in black and white, the lines, bars and other graphic elements should differ using only black, white and varying degrees of gray.

  • The bibliographic references section should only include the complete information of the authors specifically mentioned in simplified form in the body of the paper (author, date: pages).

  • Footnotes should be numbered sequentially and employed only to give explanation or more information; they should not contain bibliographic references.

  • The bibliographic reference section uses the APA (American Psychological Association) style. For more information on this format, please refer to the following electronic address:

  • Journal contributions should be directed to the Vicerrectorado de Investigación de la Universidad ESAN, and the electronic file should be sent to . Also, compact discs may be mailed to the Vicerrectorado de Investigación de la Universidad ESAN, Alonso de Molina 1652, Surco, Casilla Postal 1846, Lima 100, Peru.



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