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Revista de la Facultad de Medicina Humana

Print version ISSN 1814-5469On-line version ISSN 2308-0531

Rev. Fac. Med. Hum. vol.20 no.3 Lima Jul-Sep 2020 


Covid-19 special edition 2020

Jhony A. De La Cruz-Vargas1  2  , Doctor in medicine, Medical Oncology Specialist, Master in Clinical Research

1Instituto de Investigación en Ciencias Biomédicas, Universidad Ricardo Palma, Lima-Perú.



The confluence of the pandemic by SARS-COV-2 and the socioeconomic determinants in Latin America constitute real challenges in public health1. LaThe infectious disease COVID-19 sets a particular scenario for the medical community and decision makers. Patients with chronic diseases such as comorbidities2, represent a vulnerable population with special clinical characteristics, highlighting more than ever the importance of Lifestyle Medicine3. DDeveloping individual risk reduction and management strategies is attractive in the times of COVID-194.

The COVID-19 pandemic is potentially the largest public health crisis since the 1918 flu pandemic. This crisis has brought unprecedented challenges in the management of affected people, overwhelming health systems and causing great stress to health personnel. During such crises, the generation of real and timely evidence is crucial for prevention and an effective response5.

Special edition 2020

In this context, the Journal of the Faculty of Human Medicine continued to work intensively to contribute to the diffusion of new knowledge not only internationally but also with local works and results.

Today we deliver the number 3 of volume 20, with 15 original articles, four review articles, five clinical case reports and nine letters to the editor.

In the COVID-19 theme only in this issue were included, two editorials, two original articles, two review articles, and six letters to the editor.

The original article of the Working Group on Oncology, Association of Former Residents of Medical Oncology: AMERON, publishes its clinical recommendations for the management of oncological patients, a topic that addresses two priorities: COVID and CANCER of great use in medical practice.

The medical research group of the Carlos Alberto Seguín Escobedo Base Hospital of ESSALUD in Arequipa, led by Dr. Mauricio Postigo MacDowall, presents the First Report, which we know in Peru and Latin America, of lung and liver biopsies in patients who died of COVID-19, as well as clinical and therapeutic characteristics. The pathological findings with both hematoxylin eosin and immunohistochemistry are revealing of the damage caused by the SARS-COV-2 virus in the lung and liver. The presence of images similar to virocytes is worthy of an international magazine cover. These results are consistent with what was reported internationally, but with particularities specific to the Peruvian patients studied.

Available evidence shows that the response to COVID-19 is not the same in all patients, there is a state of hyperinflammation and an exacerbated immune response called: cytokine storm, leading to lung involvement and serious events in COVID-patients19.

Research projects in COVID-19 INICIB-URP

Currently from the Institute of Research in Biomedical Sciences of the Universidad Ricardo Palma, several projects have been proposed in the search for solutions and better knowledge of infection, complications and mortality.

A proposal to investigate one of the possible mechanisms of mortality in COVID-19 patients, bacterial and viral co-infections, has been initiated in a collaborative circle between the INICIB-URP, the INS and the Hipólito Unanue Hospital. This project is led by Dr. Alonso Soto, and is funded by FONDECYT, CONCYTEC.

Another interesting project, aimed at immunomodulating the cytokine storm and its late complications including residual pulmonary fibrosis, is with photostimulated mesenchymal stem cells of fatty tissue. This project is led by Dr. Patricio Centurion, and is about to start in collaboration with Hospitals of Lima.

A project aimed at evaluating fear and anxiety of death by COVID-19 in health personnel is being developed, this study is led by Dr. Sonia Indacochea.

We have completed a study of lifestyle changes in university students within the pandemic, in collaboration with two universities in the country. The tool has been validated and the results are ready for publication.

Finally, a project for the evaluation of viral mutations and a genomic and transcriptomic inflammatory response profile is under evaluation.

Much remains to be clarified in the COVID-19 interaction, environment and the various populations with their respective genomes. Real-world data on the subject as well as pragmatic approaches to meeting challenges are needed. Academies, universities and scientific organizations are strategic allies in the fight against coronavirus and its consequences6.


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Correspondencia: Jhony A. De La Cruz Vargas. Dirección: INICIB, Facultad de Medicina Humana, Edificio I-208. 2do piso. Avenida Benavides 5440, Surco, Lima-Perú. Teléfono: 708-0000 / Anexo: 6016

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